Factors Influencing of Social Conflict

Suwandi Sumartias, Agus Rahmat


Social conflicts that occur in several areas in Indonesia lately, one of them is caused by the weakness of law certainty. This is feared to threaten the integration of the Republic of Indonesia. This study aims to determine the factors that affect social conflict in Manis Lor village in Kuningan district. The method used the explanatory quantitative methods, the statistical test Path Analysis. The study population was a formal and informal community leaders (village chief, clergy, and youth), and the people who involved in a conflict in Manis Lor village Kuningan regency. The result shows a) There is no significant influence between social identity factors with social conflict anarchist. b) There is significant influence between socio-economic factors with social conflict anarchists. c) There is no significant influence between the credibility factor anarchist leaders with social conflict. d) There is no significant influence between the motive factor with anarchist social conflict. e) There is significant influence between personality factors/beliefs with anarchist social conflict. f) There is significant influence of behavioral factors anarchist communication with social conflict.


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20422/jpk.v16i1.24


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