Nonverbal Communication of Candidates in Regional Head Election of West Java Region 2018

Abie Besman, Andika Vinianto Adiputra, Sandi Jaya Saputra


The face of politics in Indonesia is enlivened by the hustle and bustle of non-verbal communication games as part of political discourse. Also through non-verbal communication, politicians mobilize all potential to strengthen the message and political meaning. West Java is one of the regions that will hold the Simultaneous Local Election in 2018. Non-verbal communication is certain to be present as a form of imaging and voice pulling by the candidates who will fight in the West Java regional election. This study defines the meaning behind nonverbal communication displayed by candidates in West Java. This research analyzes various forms of nonverbal communication, visual cultural codes, and refers to the design of visual communication texts. The purpose of this study is to identify nonverbal communication skills of regional head candidates, to identify interpretations of political constituents on nonverbal communication presented by regional head candidates, to identify the KPU's rules and understanding as regulators in interpreting nonverbal communication presented by candidate pairs of regional heads in 4 the location of the 2018 West Java Regional Election. The method used is semiotic analysis of Roland Barthes is to dismantle denotations, connotations and myths by showing every aspect of the symbol that is raised. The conclusions in the nonverbal communication research that are most appropriate in the contestation of the election of the Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java 2018 are the most natural communication and represent the pockets of voters while negating who they are in the political arena of the 2018 West Java Election.


political communication; nonverbal communication; gestures; simultaneous regional elections 2018


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