International Students’ Communication Adaptation to Academic Environment in the United Kingdom

Sarah Aisha, Deddy Mulyana


As part of globalization with the greater ease of communication and transportation technology, the number of international students studying overseas, especially non-Westerners who study in Western countries such as the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Australia, has increased over the years. This research explores the challenges international students faced in the Master's Programs in their adaptation to the new academic environment in the United Kingdom. The researchers used phenomenology as a theoretical perspective by taking into account the U-curve model of intercultural adaptation. This study employed a qualitative method by interviewing six female international students. Based on the research findings, the international students found challenges in adapting to the new academic environment in the United Kingdom. The challenges incorporated a lack of language skills to master study skills, besides difficulties in building relationships and making friends.


international students; adaptation; challenges; phenomenology; thematic analysis

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